Valve Refurbishment   
      Valve reconditioning improves both safety and efficiency and also extend the life of the valves with equal life guarantee as provided for new valves, thus save time, money and avoid investments. When new valve develops snags, the supplier will have to be contacted who may not be willing to replace the same
Due to the expiry of warranty period or
The quantity being only one number
and may not show due interest. He has to be followed up and only after 3 or 4 follow ups he may start the process. Such delays may result in huge production loss but on the other hand servicing comes in handy, which is very quick and time saving alternative to new valves.
Plant maintenance & refurbishment
On-site maintenance and workshop-based refurbishment of valves, pumps, hydraulic systems and other plant is a key service we provide. If a refurbished valve isn’t the right solution, our onsite valve repair services provide you fast turnaround and quality control for any valve maintenance need.
Skilled craftsmen at our dedicated workshops use the best equipment, materials and components for these projects, and all plant items are tested and certified before re-installation. Our on-site staffs are fully experienced to manage in situation needs.
By Valve Refurbishment We provide Operational Cost saving solutions to one and all.
Value added service
Provide technical assistance to change the valve from the existing one to another to suit your process parameters and requirements like Manual to Pneumatic or Pneumatic to Electric etc.
Supply of Spares
HI-TEC provide re-engineered valve components to suit other make valves the components like Trim parts, Packing materials, Gaskets, Actuator parts, Power Cylinder etc.,